A collection of hand crafted Nixie Tube Clocks.

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This image post is a display of some of the handmade Nixie Tube Clocks presently available on two of today’s top Art’s and Crafts online market places. Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

What is a Nixie Tube?

The Nixie Tube also called a “cold cathode display” tube, is an electrical component developed in the nineteen fifties. Its primary function is to display numerical information. Before the development of the LED (Light-emitting diode) and the LCD (Liquid crystal display), the Nixie Tube was used to display numeric information on kinds of machines, such as vending machines, duke boxes, teas-made and the first-ever digital clocks. You will find more information on The Niexie Display Tube from this Wikipedia article.

Because of it’s unique and vintage aesthetics, the Nixie Tube is the ideal component for using in projects where you want the outcome to fit into a retro or past period setting.

A collection of hand crafted Nixie Tube Clocks.

Astronimas”Hammer Line 1″ Nixie Tube Clock.

By Astronimas on Amazon.

Astronimas"Hammer Line 1" Nixie Tube Clock IN-16 Vintage Retro Handmade

Maple Wood Nixie Clock.

By Knife Wood on Eysy.

NIXIE CLOCK IN-14 Tubes, vinage and retro style, Case is Stabilised maple wood. UsB power suply.

Astronimas”Classic” Nixie Tube Clock.

By Astronimas on Amazon.

Astronimas"Classic" Nixie Tube Clock IN-14 Vintage Retro Handmade (Spring Oak)

Wood and Brass Nixie tube clock.

By Vintage City Di on Etsy.

Nixie tube clock IN-14/Brass clock/Nixie tube/Nixie clock/Tube lamp.

Grey Stone Painted Brass Nixie Tube Clock.

By Custom Devices 1975 on Etsy.

Nixie tube clock "Electron" + one spare tube + box (ash, color grey stone, patinated brass, tubes IN-14)

Wooden Teak Nixie Tube Clock.

By Romnix on Etsy.

IN-14 Nixie Tube Clock in teak wooden case

Adafruit Ice tube nixie clock.

By Nixie Clock Team on Etsy.

Adafruit Ice tube nixie clock IV-18 VFD Unique nixie vintage clock nixie tube clock nixie watch steampunk clock luxury clock nixie desk clok

Orbit Nixie tube clock in Ash.

By By Custom Devices 1975 on Etsy.

Nixie tube clock "Orbit 12" + one spare tube + box (ash, tubes IN-12)

I hope you have enjoyed this image post of handcrafted Nixie Tube Clocks. Don’t forget; there are plenty more to find on Etsy and Amazon Handmade. While researching for this image post, I did take a look at Not On The High Street, but to no avail.

More Nixie Tube Clocks on Etsy.

And some more Nixie Tube Clocks on Amazon.

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