A collection of weird earrings.

Here is a collection of some of the weirdest earring sets by our creative craftspeople on Etsy.

A word of warning to the faint-hearted and those of you who may find art that resembles actual body parts. Not all, but some of the theses costume jewellery artefacts could be, by some, considered as rude. So if having a knitted willy or a resin vagina waved in front of you is not your thing then look away now.

Have they gone? Good! Sit back, scroll down, and enjoy the picture blog post.

A collection of weird earrings.

Eye in Palm of Hand Earrings.

Created by UglinessWarehouse.

These weird realistic hand crafted earrings are made from polymer clay.

More pictures and details on Etsy.

Fried Egg & Frying Pan Earrings.

Created by violacraftsbay.

Fried Egg & Frying Pan Earrings.

Handcrfted by violacraftsbay Dangle drop earrings with silver plated hooks. Silver tone and enamel frying pan with fried egg charms. Choose from two designs.

Full details and more pictures on the Etsy shop page.

Vagina Silver Stud Earrings.

Created by Yhtanaff.


How dose this tickle your fancy? Hand stamped Sterling Silver stud earrings in the shape of a vagina.

Visit the Etsy shop page here for all the details.

Crochet Penis Earrings.

Created by killandburncrochet.

Original handicraft Crochet penis earrings. Apparently surprisingly lightweight for their size.

Get the full lowdown on the Crochet Penis shop page.

Pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern earrings.

Created by UglinessWarehouse.

Pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern earrings

These creepy hand crafted earrings are formed in Polymer Clay. Ideal for Halloween.

See them on Etsy for full details.

Milk Bottle Earrings.

Created by BadManneredTea.

“A pair of miniature milk cartons or a glass of milk”.

Comes in severel cap colour combinations. details on Etsy.

More Vagina Earrings.

Created by AnnaSiivonen.

These hand crafted stud vagina earrings have been hand sculpted from copper with sergicle steel ear wiers.

Full details on the Etsy store listing.

Dangling Eyeball Earrings.

Created by Settingflowers.

Handmade dangling eyeball earrings. formed from clay and painted with acrylic paints and finished with a glossy top coat. Includes sterling silver ear hooks.

See the dangling eyeball earrings on Etsy.

Weird Ear Earrings.

Created by UglinessWarehouse.

Realistic ear shaped earrings sculpted from polymer clay. Evan the fake ears are pierced with loops.

Visit the shop page on Etsy for all the information.

Anatomy earrings.

Created by RiverCitySass.

A handcrafted wooden earrings in the shape of the human heart and brain.

The Artists tells here fascinating story of their first commission on these earrings and how they represent the philosophy of “Heart and Mind”.

To read the story for yourself and find learn more about these fascinating earrings visit the the shop page, here o Etsy, now!

Gory Eyeball Earrings.

Created by SamsUniqueSculpts.

Sculpted from polymer clay and detailed with acrylic paints. Sterling silver ear hooks for pierced ears included.

See all the gory details here on the Etsy shop page.

Even More Vagina/Yoni Earrings (+ Pendent).

Created by AeysheaJones.

Ok, to finish off we have one more vagina themed earring set, This time it comes with the addition of an option to have a machine vagina necklace pendent.

All formed from polymer clay and finished with a realistic lashing of acrylic paints. Complete with Stirling silver parts.

The artist as included the history of the “Yoni” on this jewellery set’s Etsy selling page.

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