Eliza, Spooky porcelain Ghost Doll.

Eliza, Spooky porcelain Ghost Doll. Created by Gothic Queen Design. It is said, the once sweet and kind Eliza became angry at

May The 4th Be With You. Star Wars Day.

The term was first coined for the general election of 1979 when Margret Thatcher become Briton's first female prime minister w

The Severed Head of Marie Antoinette.

"This original art was created for collectors and lovers of mysticism and history..." The art doll head has been sculpted fro

The koala (bear) gang Minions.

Created in a genetic sequencer by the Evil Throat punching Edith (who has an agenda to foil my travel plans), these Minions ar

A collection of weird earrings.

Here is a collection of some of the weirdest earring sets by our creative craftspeople on Etsy.

Creepy Willy Snail Sculpture.

This art sculpture is a realistic depiction of the male human penis and a snail. The resin cast member has been carefully hand

Portrait of Demonic Nun.

Ivanna is becoming one of my most loved artists on my mission to bring you some of the weirdest stuff I can find. With Halowee

An Evile Christmas Krampus Snowman.

Arend has likened his fears snowman figure to the "Krampus." Traditionally in middle Europe, is a horned, anthropomorphic demo

Snailien Sculpture Alien Snail Xenomorph.

Created and sold by Arend Smith of Ravendark Creations, this polymer clay sculpture measures seven inches in length and hand f

Bender Style Robot Sculpture.

This tribute to the famous Bender robot from Futurama is handmade from stainless steel...