Steampunk/Dieselpunk Faux Leather (Post-apocalyptic) Full Face gas Mask.

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Steampunk Dieselpunk Leather Full Head Mask Post apoclayptic 100% Handmade. SIZE M SPECIAL PRICE
Image credited to oakleathercraft44.

Handmade to order steampunk/dieselpunk Post-apocalyptic Full head face gas Mask

Created and sold on Etsy by oakleathercraft44.

It has been made throughout the whole process only using HIGH-QUALITY vegetable leather 2,2mm, acrylic lenses, copper parts.

Hand-sewn using waxed slam thread.

Cut and painted by hand using the Fiebing’s Profesional Dye antique walnut colour.

Other colours are available.

See the Etsy listing for ffull details.

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