The Miner Steampunk Imp.

Created and sold by ImpsandthingsShop.He stands approx 20cm high on a wooden plinth...

Steampunk/Dieselpunk Faux Leather (Post-apocalyptic) Full Face gas Mask.

Weird Stuff Market earn a commission on qualifying purchase made through visiting links from these pages. Handmade to order st

Victorian Period Steampunk Costumes by Natalia Zinkevych.

Natalia Zinkevych has been making historical period and fantasy costume since 2010... In this post, I am going to share some

A collection of hand crafted Nixie Tube Clocks.

This image post is a display of some of the handmade Nixie Tube Clocks presently available on two of today's top Art's and Cra

Old Dogs with New Tricks.

As the proverb goes, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". Think again! Nina Camplin has a couple of tricks up her sleeves.

Gaia’s Workshop Drums.

Michelle Meister and Luke Martinez love making drums, Rattles and Sacred Art. When they began their business, they were home

Etsy Shop Owners. Share your story.

Tell us about your love of art and craft and how you where inspired to startup in buseness and get your Etsy Shop plugged in y

A Steampunk Art collection from Blue Bright Star.

Blue Bright Star is a shop run on Etsy by Kit Leighton where Kit sells Contemporary fine art photography prints and wall art.

Steampunk Octopus Art Collection.

Undoubtedly, the octopus has become a symbol of "The Steampunk Culture Revolution". It pops up everywhere, from Steampunk fash

Mothers Day Gift Ideas For A Steampunk Mumma!

So your mum is into Steampunk, and you are not sure what is out there that would delight and wow her. That is where this "Moth